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Lotus Delight

Lotus Delight

₨200.00 Regular Price
₨180.00Sale Price

Lotus Delight is a refreshing and rejuvenating blend of hwang cha (partially oxidised tea leaves), cleansing lotus leaves and naturally sweet and minty hydrangea  serrata leaves (also known as tea of heaven). It is the perfect blend for those who want to recover, revitalise and rehydrate and can be drank hot or cold. 


Ingredients: Partially Oxidised tea leaves, lotus leaves, hydrangea serrata leaves

Origin: South Korea

Weight: 12g



Choose from the following options to place your order:

  • Order online from our store and pay by MCB Juice to acc number: 000446849839 to confirm your order.
  • Order online from our store and pay by cash upon delivery.
  • Order via our social media sites (Facebook or Instagram)

*TO COLLECT YOUR ORDER: Pick-Up point at our teashop in Beau-Bassin. 

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