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Our mission is to turn everyone into Tea Lovers by providing a tea experience that transcends all borders through our tea collection boxes


Sara-Jane Wong & Stuart Chung

Co- founders

Crazy Couple. Passion for Tea & Creativity. Love to try new tastes & flavours from different cultures...And...We're easily bored when it comes to Food & Beverages:)

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Why "A Tea Story?"

"Since I was little, I always heard great stories and gossips when it was tea time. Some people hear great stories over a pint of beer, but my great stories happened over a cup of tea" SJ
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Sara-Jane comes from a traditional tea drinking family and her passion for tea stems from the daily routine of drinking tea after each meals.  But when you come from a family who always drink the same kind of tea every day, you kind of get bored and want to try new teas, right? Unfortunately, we do not have that much varieties here and when you've tried it all, well, you long for more! 


After doing some research, her partner and she decided to order different varieties of teas from several countries, and guess what? They loved the tea discovery experience! But nothing is worthwhile if not shared with others. 


With her background in graphic design, she designed and made a first tea collection box  as a means to make people discover some of the different kinds of teas they've tried, all in a fancy box.


Because, after all,  "A Tea Story" want to share their cup of tea with you by providing a tea tasting experience that transcends all borders and imagination.