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Coco Choco (20 Teabags)

Coco Choco (20 Teabags)


Kazi Yetu is an independent social enterprise based in Tanzania, supporting farmers and young women with income opportunities. 

This Coco Choco blend will take you on an exhilarating journey through a rich and creamy chocolate jungle where velvety cocoa beans and premium black tea leaves dance in harmony.


Ingredients: Rolled Black Tea, Roasted Cocoa Husks, Coconut Flakes

Origin: Tanzania

Contents: 20 teabags (1 teabag/ teapot)


Choose from the following options to place your order:

Order online from our store and pay by MCB Juice to acc number: 000446849839 to confirm your order.
Order online from our store and pay by cash upon delivery.
Order via our social media sites (Facebook or Instagram)
*TO COLLECT YOUR ORDER: Pick-Up point at our teashop in Beau-Bassin. 

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