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Nettle Tea

Nettle Tea


Nettle tea is an herbal tea made from the leaves of the stinging nettle plant.

Benefits of nettle tea includes:

  • Anti-inflammatory properties that can help with inflammatory disorders and reducing symptoms in conditions such as eczema, arthritis and psoriasis.
  • High in antioxidants

  • Support bone health

  • Skin-healing properties

  • Help with a healthy prostrate in men

  • Helps to improve blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels

  • Help to reduce blood pressure


Content: Dried Nettle leaves

Weight: 15g

Choose from the following options to place your order:

  • Order online from our store and pay by MCB Juice to acc number: 000446849839 to confirm your order.
  • Order online from our store and pay by cash upon delivery.
  • Order via our social media sites (Facebook or Instagram)

*TO COLLECT YOUR ORDER: Pick-Up point at our teashop in Beau-Bassin. 

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