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Victoria Grey (15 Silky Teabags)

Victoria Grey (15 Silky Teabags)


It was in Queen Victoria’s reign that Britain became a nation of tea lovers, Fortnum's Victoria Grey Tea pays homage to the monarch herself.
A bergamot-based tea blend, Victoria Grey combines liquorice root, lavender and cornflower petal with Fortnum’s Salisbury Plain Honey. The result is a highly delicate black tea with bursts of zesty citrus and a slight floral sweetness.

Made for afternoon sipping, with or without milk, this royally good cup pairs perfectly with Tea Biscuits. 



Tea (87%), Liquorice Root (6%), Lavender (3%), Bergamot Flavouring (2%), Cornflower Petals, Honey Flavouring.

Choose from the following options to place your order:

  • Order online from our store and pay by MCB Juice to acc number: 000446849839 to confirm your order.
  • Order online from our store and pay by cash upon delivery.
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*TO COLLECT YOUR ORDER: Pick-Up point at our teashop in Beau-Bassin. 

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